Wouldn’t it be nice to have the consistency and range a Piano Player has but on a brass instrument With Just a Few Simple Steps?

If so, grab your copy of “The 7 Simple Rules To Becoming an Extremely Talented Brass Player” Regardless of Your Experience or Skill Set Right Now.

Inside you will learn the secrets of:

  • Increasing your tone – Instantly! regardless of level!
  • A Step by Step Overview – How to develop a ‘head turning’ sound!
  • No More Confusion – How to get a great tone without tension
  • Secrets of the embouchure, – Play for hours with no loss of stamina!

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“You Are Looking At The Best Selling Brass Playing Book On The Internet”

  • Brass Exercises That Will Make You A Great Player.
  • Brass exercises that will make you a well rounded brass player.
  • A must have method book for any brass playing student regardless of the level.
  • Written by Marcus the Embouchure Guy with the techniques that he personally used to develop his unique style after studying with hundreds of the world’s greatest trombonists.
  • A first of its kind revolutionary Digital Method Book with clickable video links to support the written content.
  • Topics discussed include practice tips, how to develop your sound, tone, low and high range buzzing, breathing, how to play using much less resistance, and more.
  • Method to develop your sound through greater understanding of the embouchure
  • Grace Note Airfall training methods
  • Lessons on how to develop a head turning sound
  • Lifetime of knowledge to develop your ability on vour instrument
  • Buzzing exercises that will make you a star player
  • Full use chromatic exercises
  • Mouthpiece correct air positioning
  • Method for getting back into shape after a long break
  • Practice techniques that will prevent problems later


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