Cushion the blow with STRATOS Performer and achieve new heights in your playing. Get your perfect partner today.

How It Works

This high-quality embouchure system is simply attached to your instrument or existing mouthpiece whilst you play or practice. STRATOS Performer reduces mouthpiece pressure and ensures a good jaw position taking away the need to “think” about position and pressure. Practising with STRATOS Performer re-educates your muscles and nerves and allows you to adopt your improved embouchure position naturally, even after you remove it from your instrument. This allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your playing, and you can relax back into better and better performances. STRATOS Performer has been shown to help solve many embouchure problems. It also gives improvements in power, range, tone, and stamina allowing you to play with more ease and greater flexibility.

Power without pressure

Heavy mouthpiece pressure stop your lips vibrating properly and restricts the flow of blood to the them, so they tire more quickly, reducing your power and volume. Excessive pressure over a long period of time may actually damage your lips and muscles. By using STRATOS Performer its adjustable spring-loaded chin-rest removes excess pressure from the lips, allowing them to vibrate more freely, and restores the blood supply to them. You will be able to play with more power and for longer.

Tone without tension

Regular use of STRATOS Performer encourages you to develop your optimum playing position with reduced mouthpiece pressure. This helps you generate a good fundamental tone that can be delivered consistently across the entire range of the instrument. No more struggling with a weak or “thin” tone even when exploring the limits of your instrument.

Range without resistance

After using STRATOS Performer for even a short time, most players find that the improvements in power and tone mean that they can play more efficiently and effectively. Notes that you struggled to reach before using STRATOS Performer, become so easy to play and at last you can fulfill the potential of your instrument. Play beyond what you thought were your limits.

  • New Universal Fitting
  • Improve your posture
  • Reduce the pressure on your lips
  • Prolong your performance
  • Optimise your embouchure
  • Perfect your pitch and tone


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