Marcus Reynolds

Introducing Marcus Reynolds

We introduce Marcus Reynolds author, educator, recording artist, creator of the Stratos Encore Pro embouchure system and Michael Rath trombone artist and clinician to explain what he has implemented in his business model, and how he continues contact with his clients and how he offers support.


Hi well thanks to MIA for showing interest in my business.


MIA……. Marcus your profile of you and your products appear to have a really high presence in the brass playing community. With the current world situation, how have you managed that?


MR……. Its not just about selling a product and letting the player just get on with it. Since I introduced Stratos and creating a lateral thinking radical view of the embouchure and helping the player fine tune it to give the optimum results, there is nurture needed.


Posts on my social media platforms constantly remind my members of my ethos, for example I say  “I’m here to encourage, enlighten, enthuse, educate and entice you to not only continue to practice but to practice with a purpose”

This situation will not continue and I need to get you match-fit for when we return to our various ensembles. I then go on to say I’m taking a personal responsibility for you to keep playing.


MIA……When we talked earlier about helping your members feel comfortable about being able to ask questions, what did you mean by this?


MR……Well over the years  of being in the audiences when the invited guest Masterclass giver asks for questions – and after a few awkward minutes of shuffling and head shaking ….. nobody asks anything .


I go out of my way to create an environment where questions are forth coming.

Then show how players can not just ‘gain ground’ but ‘maintain ground’ and remove any doubts there is no reason why they can’t.

Also through my publications my ebook ‘Range without Resistance’ and ‘Embouchure Blueprint Course’ I have sort of fashioned a conduit whereby the members can actually reach out to me.


MIA…… How do you think other businesses in this sector could benefit from your business model?

MR……..Umm… the days of the retail supplier will be even more diminished if the business  model isn’t better than, ‘it’s over there mate’.


Transparency from the shop owners needs to show more interest to the musicians in the early stages then follow the progress helping to select the next instrument commensurate with the progress of the student.


Music shops that help to organise micro concerts that display and demonstrate a musical appreciation session.


The more young ears are deprived of the ‘air moving’ sensations of real instruments the sound of ‘electronica will become the go to ‘ear diet’.


Then the sadly relegated to, ‘oh that instrument used to be played in a symphony orchestra’.


MIA….. Where does your Stratos Encore Pro come into the picture, and how did it all come about?


MR……. Well the adage ‘necessity becoming the the Mother of invention’ is not more truer than here.


During a prestigious event my chair support gave way propelling me over the back of my chair falling 10 feet. Almost breaking my back and neck. Most definately breaking my embouchure. During the fall my mouthpiece went through my top lip. Following an operation I also discovered I had contracted Task Specific Focal Dystonia a muscular debilitating syndrome.


After years of learning about my facial muscles and generally learning to play again. I wasn’t happy as my initial note production was ‘fluffy’ and un-focused I put this down to lactic acid trying to continually repair the scar tissue.


At this time my constant mantra was ….’something to hover over the scar tissue. Impossible … nothing ‘hovers’ in the process of playing a brass instrument.


Then in the early hours of the morning I scribbled on a scrap of paper an idea that I had dreamt. Armed with this nocturnally scribbled hieroglyphic I headed off to Michael Rath my trombone manufacturer and long story short fashioned a prototype that became the bench mark for what is in full production today. Helping players from amateurs to principals including some of the worlds leading orchestras, including players in the BBC Orchestras, London Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, The Taiwanese Kaohsiung Orchestra, top jazz players too.


MIA    Thankyou Marcus.


You can learn more about Marcus Reynolds


[email protected]


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