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I have been playing for a long time although I took a break for around 7-8 years. (As a returning player I came back with some self-inflicted bad habits mainly too much pressure) some 20 years back on the horn I now find myself playing Cornet in a brass band, Trumpet and Flugel in Cover bands, Jazz/Funk & Soul groups, and Original Artists.
For many years I have known that I am applying too much pressure and constricting myself to play higher. It sort of works to a point but at a cost, both sound and endurance.
The lack of blood flow around the chops means you don’t have long till the tank is empty.
I have been researching the problem, but nothing has really fixed it for me. Finally, I bit the bullet to try this Stratos thingy. If I’m honest I was very sceptical that it was going to help me. But felt I had to try something.
After some guidance both physically and equally important mentally, notes in the upper range suddenly just fell out the instrument. The moment actually happened and not just a one off a few times. I was a bit speechless to be honest. A, B, C up top just spilled out of the bell, unbelievably it felt like I was playing in the stave!!
‘To live without my music would be impossible to do”
John Miles
My music is an escape from the anxiety, the stresses, and strains of life. I cannot imagine life without playing music. I am now armed with renewed confidence that I can continue to play, grow, and become a more accomplished brass musician. The work continues…..
Huge thanks to Marcus, he is a truly Marvellous man.
If you are struggling as a player with pressure/endurance, range you really should give the Stratos a chance and make sure you book some time with Marcus to steer you on the right path, you will not be disappointed.
Steve Kemp Alton
STRATOS Performer
What was my experience like yesterday with Marcus Reynolds guiding me through how to use his brilliant invention, the STRATOS Performer?
It was like sitting in a dark cave when someone (Marcus) opened up a huge door allowing light to flood in and illuminate all of the features (my unused embouchure potential) that were there all along but I couldn’t see.
At one point I broke out into long, spontaneous laughter – the result of experiencing utter AMAZEMENT.
Now I have some work to do to integrate these new learnings and understandings into my expanding self-image.
Now I have some work to do to change my expectations about how much easier and effortless playing brass instruments can be for me.
Now I’m looking forward to playing again and integrating these new realisations and feelings of effortless ease into my playing experience.
Yesterday’s’ experience in a short sentence:
“Instant growth!”
A little longer sentence:
“Indelible impressions from instant growth and progress!”
A magical experience.
And it left me with the following question:
“How can I enable and empower myself to be, do, and achieve more of what delights me and helps me grow in less time, with less energy expenditure and with far greater efficiency?”
STRATOS from Marcus Reynolds – it’s a serious game changer.
Andrew Joy Australia

There is one drawback to adopting my following suggestion: You might have to radically revise your paradigms and beliefs about embouchure function … as I am having to.

Professors and brass teachers: if you want to give your students an invaluable edge on the competitive audition circuit, better help them invest in their future and leverage their as yet unrealised potential … let me suggest you consider inviting Marcus Reynolds to give a presentation to, and then a hands on demonstration of his STRATOS Performer with your students.

BECAUSE the STRATOS Performer is simple and easy to install and use, it’s transformational potential can easily be underestimated. Reading the instructions, watching videos etc is not the same as having Marcus present (in my case Online) giving immediate directional feedback as I have now impressively experienced.

A Happy Customer London

I was in Chelmsford Cathedral, the love and spirituality of Marcus’s music rained on us all leaving us all thoroughly relaxed and calm.

Margaret Essex

Just to thank you for the lovely music… it so blessed me, and moved me to tears.

Elaine Withams Surrey

I love listening to Marcus’s music – thank you. It is very soothing. If I play his CDs much more, I will wear them out.

M Evans Carmarthen

I could have listened to Marcus all day – wonderful.

Barbara Glendenning Caerphilly

How lucky to discover vour beautiful music to share with my little French grandson and family.

Anne Ward Kent

Like everyone, I have many stresses, but when I play your CD they all drift away. Thank you. You made me smile again.

Doreen Moorman Worcestershire

Great new brass book from my pal Marcus Reynolds. Extremely insightful and helpful in understanding the mechanics of sound production and effective use of air and lip position in the mouthpiece. If you want to learn how to play freely, use less resistance and produce notes with ease then buy this book. Coupled with his fantastic Stratos device and a bunch of great YouTube videos explaining how to use it properly you WILL improve your playing. Bravo Marcus highly recommended

Adrian Gibson

Thank you Marcus Reynolds for the welcome post. I did laugh a lot in our session. The kind of laugh you have when you just can’t believe what you’re experiencing. 

Talking with Marcus was great both personally and professionally. The session was AMAZING and the progress made in A FEW MINUTES was real and meaningful. I was both learning a lot and having a great time doing so! 

Marcus helped me understand how to use the wonderful Stratos and it was totally awesome! Together with Adrian Gibson, I feel I’m on my way to becoming a much, much better player than I was before.

thank you so much!

Lior Caspi

Just want to say a huge thank you Marcus Reynolds for a fabulous session and for introducing me and my bestie Simon to the Stratos. A unique device, simple but so effective it has changed the lives of musicians all over our world and it was born out of one man’s dream. The story of one man’s incredible journey from deep despair to the annihilation of anothers defeat.

  • One Dream
  • One Soul
  • One Prize
  • One Goal

Marcus – you are a kind of magic and thank you FM for the loan.

Ok. So today is day 3 and I’m taking this painstakingly slowly. However, the book and video clips together as so simple to follow that I have no doubt as to what I should be doing, instead of feeling left to flounder as I have found with other instruction books. I have a long way to go to overcome the fear and resulting wobble as I pick up my trumpet, but I can feel improvement already and look forward to the day ahead. It really makes sense and I wish I’d learnt to play this way from the beginning. Sense, clarity, joy! Can’t praise Marcus enough for his perseverance giving me the chance to start  afresh too.

Kaye McIntosh

I had another session with Marcus last week. We have been working on rebuilding my embouchure after I split my lip badly. Marcus has been brilliant at helping me strengthen the muscles and get my high register back, but recently he has been pushing me. He says he is nit picking and working to make sure I don’t just get back what I lost, but I come through this better than ever. We have been focusing on me not moving my embouchure and it us starting to bear fruit. Much better transitions between notes and far fewer splits.
Looking forward to future sessions.

Mike Rayner

As an educator and a trombone player, I was so amazed with the STRATOS as a beneficial aid for the chops (lips) that every brass player should have. I believe this to be an invaluable tool for busy educators like myself. I would recommend it to all brass students.

Chris Jeans
Lord Chris Jeans International Trombone Soloist

I want one and I want it now

Jens Lindemann CM International Trumpet Soloist

STRATOS is particularly useful in my warm-up, to focus my mind on the basics of a good embouchure set-up. Really useful … a great bit of kit

David Pyatt London Philharmonic Orchestra
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