You can now purchase additional and replacement collets for your Stratos Performer

Stratos Performer Collets Explained

The collet is a specially designed insert that fits into the body of the Stratos Performer which enables it to be used on different instrument mouthpieces and leadpipes.  There are 9 different sizes to choose from.  Please choose from the drop down menu  which collets you require.  Please note there are multiple collets for some instruments which are all supplied with the Stratos Performer for that instrument.

#1 Bb & Soprano Cornet

#2  Trumpet, French Horn

#3 Tenor Horn, Baritone, Tenor Trombone

#4 Euphonium, Bass Trombone

#5 Tuba

#6 French Horn

#7 Bb & Soprano Cornet, Flugelhorn,

#8 French Horn

#9 French Horn


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