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Range Without Resistance, the Ultimate Embouchure Guide!

I’ve realised over the years that many problems with brass playing can be remedied with very methodical preparation of the facial muscles. By mastering this, you will get much more enjoyment out of your playing. This groundbreaking program will allow you to achieve much greater range and flexibility.

I’m hoping that the material in this book will uncover some of the mysteries of the embouchure and maintain your lip health for many years to come.

After using Range Without Resistance, most players find they quickly improve in power and tone. Firstly, you can play more efficiently and effectively. Secondly, you can reach notes that you struggled with before. These become so easy to play that at last you can fulfil the potential of your instrument.

Most importantly Range without Resistance will allow you to play beyond what you previously thought were your limits. You will reach your ultimate potential!



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How to improve your embouchure in 7 easy steps.

Seven Golden Rules for Better Brass Playing


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For years it has been one of the best kept secrets of embouchure technique, now available here for free!

A comprehensive collection of Marcus's many published articles to assist you in your playing


Reach For the Stratosphere


This new compendium is a compilation of Marcus’s articles written over the last few years and published in some of the most well known magazines in the industry. Includes articles from Brass Band World, Big Band Buddies and Brass Herald.

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